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Updates to open data in reverse chronological order (newest first)

April update (15.4.2021)

Time series of observations and forecasts

  • A new HTTP-interface available for meteorological time series. The interface is available for both observations and forecasts. History data is available for the last seven (7) days of the past. The interface has been originally planned for internal use within FMI and does not follow any external standard. The interface is useful for web applications and provides data in a variety of formats. For more information, see SmartMet plugin TimeSeries. Please note that the open data help desk may not be able to support you in your questions about the time series interface.

Drop sonde measurements

  • Added drop sonde measurements for air temperature (TAP_PT1S_AVG, one second average measure), relative humidity (RHP_PT1S_AVG, one second average measure) and air pressure (PAP_PT1S_AVG, one second average measure) for sonde flights in Finland. The query that can be used to get the results is fmi::observations::weather::dropsonde::multipointcoverage.

CTD (Conductivity, Temperature, Depth) measurements

  • Added CTD measurements from Finnish CTD devices. Available parameters are water temperature (TWP_PT1S_AVG, one second average measure), speed of sound (SVELP_PT1S_AVG, one second average measure), salinity (WSALP_PT1S_AVG, one second average measure), conductivity (WCONP_PT1S_AVG, one second average measure) , density (WSIGP_PT1S, one secong average measure), and the oxygen concentration (WO2P_PT1S_AVG, in units of ml/l, one second average measure and WO2PCTP_PT1S_AVG, in percentage, one second average measure) as a function of water pressure (WPREP_PT1S_AVG, one second average measure, corresponding approximately to depth). The following stored queries are available:

    • fmi::observations::ctd::simple

    • fmi::observations::ctd::timevaluepair

    • fmi::observations::ctd::multipointcoverage

March update (9.3.2021)

Black Carbon Measurements

  • Added black carbon measurement results to air quality queries. The results are shown as one hour averages (QBCPM25_PT1H_AVG). The following stored queries show the results:

    • fmi::observations::airquality::hourly::multipointcoverage

    • fmi::observations::airquality::hourly::simple

    • fmi::observations::airquality::hourly::timevaluepair

    • urban::observations::airquality::hourly::multipointcoverage

    • urban::observations::airquality::hourly::simple

    • urban::observations::airquality::hourly::timevaluepair

September update (9.9.2020)

Warnings in CAP format

October update (10.10.2019)

AWS Public Datasets

  • Added global SILAM air quality model with 7 air quality parameters. The forecast is available 168 hours ahead with 20 kilometer resolution. The data is freely available at AWS S3 bucket. 

API key no longer required

Our open data is now more easily available without an API key. Registered users should switch over to the new address by the end of 2019 in order to use the service. Addresses that include the API key of the Finnish Meteorological Institute will no longer be operational after end of 2019.

June update (4.6.2019)

WFS changelog

  • Lighning strike observation area extended from Finland to cover northern Europe. Lightning strikes now also available with resolution of one second instead of the previous 5 minute aggregate blocks. This means that the delay from the strike to availability from the interface should be well under a minute.

  • Old weather observations from 1959-2010 added to following stored queries:

    • fmi::observations::weather::simple

    • fmi::observations::weather::timeseries

    • fmi::observations::weather::multipointcoverage

    • fmi::observations::weather::cities::simple

    • fmi::observations::weather::cities::timevaluepair

    • fmi::observations::weather::cities::multipointcoverage

  • Old sounding observation from 1961-2014 added to following stored queries:

    • fmi::observations::weather::sounding::multipointcoverage

  • New stored query for hourly weather observations:

    • fmi::observations::weather::hourly::simple

    • fmi::observations::weather::hourly::timevaluepair

    • fmi::observations::weather::hourly::multipointcoverage

  • Add parameter SNDICE_PT1M_AVG (snow depth average) to

    • fmi::observations::seaice::manual::timevaluepair

  • New stored queries for mareograph data

    • fmi::observations::mareograph::daily::multipointcoverage fmi::observations::mareograph::daily::simple fmi::observations::mareograph::daily::timevaluepair fmi::observations::mareograph::instant::multipointcoverage fmi::observations::mareograph::instant::simple fmi::observations::mareograph::instant::timevaluepair fmi::observations::mareograph::monthly::multipointcoverage fmi::observations::mareograph::monthly::simple fmi::observations::mareograph::monthly::timevaluepair

December update (4.12.2018)

WFS changelog

  • FMI-ENFUSER air quality model released in grid format. Relevant stored query is

    • fmi::forecast::enfuser::airquality::helsinki-metropolitan::grid

January update (2.1.2018)

WFS changelog

  • IceSpeed, IceDirection and IceThickness forecast parameters of HELMI model replace EastwardIceVelocity, NorthwardIceVelocity and MeanIceThickness parameters. The change applies to the following stored query

    • fmi::forecast::helmi::grid

  • New measurant TW_PT1H_AVG (sea water temperature) added to the following stored queries

    • fmi::observations::mareograph::simple

    • fmi::observations::mareograph::timevaluepair

    • fmi::observations::mareograph::multipointcoverage

  • Lower time limit of real time observations changed from the begin of year 2010 to 1900. There will be available more data as digitizing progresses and data is gradually moved to open data. The change applies to the following stored queries

    • fmi::observations::weather::cities::multipointcoverage

    • fmi::observations::weather::cities::simple

    • fmi::observations::weather::cities::timevaluepair

    • fmi::observations::weather::multipointcoverage

    • fmi::observations::weather::simple

    • fmi::observations::weather::timevaluepair

  • New dataset: Atmospheric sounding "weather balloon" observations from Jokioinen Ilmala and Sodankylä Tähtelä stations since 2014. There are also older observations available from Jyväskylä lentoasema station between 2014 and 2016.

    • fmi::observations::weather::sounding::multipointcoverage

  • New dataset: Manual sea ice observations from The Baltic Sea. At the moment there is a limited amount of data available between 2016 and 2017. There will be available more data as digitizing progresses

    • fmi::observations::seaice::manual::timevaluepair

September update (18.9.2017)

WFS changelog

  • Harmonie weather model forecast updated to use common numerical weather production coordinated between FMI, SMHI and MET Norway (MetCoOp). Changes: slightly larger area affecting the following stored queries:

June update (6.6.2017)

WFS changelog

  • New dataset: Harmonie weather model forecast (surface, pressure and hybrid datasets) for Scandinavia and Finland. Available stored queries (grid for loading the whole data set and others for point forecasts):

    • fmi::forecast::harmonie::surface::grid

    • fmi::forecast::harmonie::surface::point::multipointcoverage

    • fmi::forecast::harmonie::surface::point::simple

    • fmi::forecast::harmonie::surface::point::timevaluepair

    • fmi::forecast::harmonie::pressure::grid

    • fmi::forecast::harmonie::pressure::point::multipointcoverage

    • fmi::forecast::harmonie::pressure::point::simple

    • fmi::forecast::harmonie::pressure::point::timevaluepair

    • fmi::forecast::harmonie::hybrid::grid

    • fmi::forecast::harmonie::hybrid::point::multipointcoverage

    • fmi::forecast::harmonie::hybrid::point::simple

    • fmi::forecast::harmonie::hybrid::point::timevaluepair

  • New dataset: SILAM air quality model forecast for Europe containing the most essential parameters for environmentally harmful substances. Available stored queries (grid for loading the whole data set and others for point forecasts):

WFS changelog

  • Rounding error fixed  in some observations

  • Sun radiation forecast errors fixed when using GRIB2 format

  • Add level data to HBM model for GRIB2/NetCDF formats (previously there was only 0-level)

  • Fixed wrong Salinity parameter GRIB id in HBM model (changed from 3089 to 150130)

  • Add possibility to download HBM model in GRIB1 and NetCDF formats (previously only GRIB2 was possible, which is still the default)

  • Fix invalid links to forecast parameters in wave height observations (om:observedProperty)

February update (2.2.2016)

WFS changelog

WMS changelog

December update (2.12.2015)

WFS changelog

WMS changelog

  • Add layers for Finnish Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority (STUK) data

October update (6.10.2015)

WFS changelog

  • Bugfix: data from all stations now in only one <wfs:member> element in fmi::forecast::hirlam::surface::obsstations::multipointcoverage and fmi::observations::weather::cities::multipointcoverage stored queries. Now in line with other multipointcoverage-queries.

  • Change: Support for latlon parameter now in following point forecast stored queries:

    • fmi::forecast::hbm::point::multipointcoverage

    • fmi::forecast::hbm::point::simple

    • fmi::forecast::hbm::point::timevaluepair

    • fmi::forecast::hirlam::surface::point::multipointcoverage

    • fmi::forecast::hirlam::surface::point::simple

    • fmi::forecast::hirlam::surface::point::timevaluepair

    • fmi::forecast::oaas::sealevel::point::multipointcoverage

    • fmi::forecast::oaas::sealevel::point::simple

    • fmi::forecast::oaas::sealevel::point::timevaluepair

    • fmi::forecast::wam::point::multipointcoverage

    • fmi::forecast::wam::point::simple

    • fmi::forecast::wam::point::timevaluepair

  • Bugfix: fmi::forecast::hirlam::surface::obsstations::multipointcoverage now uses WindGust parameter instead of HourlyMaximumGust (returned only NaN values previously)

  • Bugfix: wrong gml:id in timevaluepair stored query response. Reference from <target:representativePoint xlink:href="#REF"/> to gml:id did not work.

  • New data: surface level Hilatar transport model deposition data  now available. Stored query id is fmi::transportmodel::hilatar::surface::scandinavia::grid. This Stored Query retrieve simulated surface level deposition of nitrogen and sulphur compounds in Scandinavia in units mg per m2 (S or N) in the selected time period. Data is available in NetCDF file format.

  • New data: hourly air quality observations from FMI and Finnish municipalities. Available paramerers are Carbon monoxide, Nitrogen dioxide, Ozone, Particulate matter < 10 µm, Particulate matter < 2.5 µm, Sulphur dioxide and Odorous sulphur compounds. Available stored queries are:

    • fmi::observations::airquality::hourly::simple

    • fmi::observations::airquality::hourly::timevaluepair

    • fmi::observations::airquality::hourly::multipointcoverage

    • urban::observations::airquality::hourly::simple

    • urban::observations::airquality::hourly::timevaluepair

    • urban::observations::airquality::hourly::multipointcoverage

WMS changelog

  • Upgraded to Geoserver 2.7 / OpenJDK8 under the hood for better WMS performance.

Catalog changelog

  • Air quality metadata added

May update (5.5.2015)

WFS changelog

WMS changelog

  • Luosto, Kuopio and Utajärvi HydroClass (hclass) layers added.

  • New Kesälahti radar added (same layers as other radars)

  • Fixed wrong time interval in rr1h layer